Will Johnson: You Will Be Here, Mine

My finding of the Galassi Brothers is a trophy etched with fortune, oddity, beauty, and space. Hailing from just outside Petersburg, Illinois, these two Otherworld siblings and I diligently forged a friendship unbreakable by many large bears. In the Fall of 2004 I was in our attic, looking through a box of pride, when I found their heads. I posted two different listings in the Greensheet for their bodies, carefully jarring and preserving the heads in a concoction of ice and Gogurt. The ice represented the brothers’ solidarity, composure and calmness, and the Gogurt represented a type of yogurt that is eaten on-the-go. After seven weeks, Blue Man Group contacted me, stating that they had the matching bodies in good condition. A union and meeting place was agreed upon to reassemble the components. Boomer and Adam, in their newfound and at the same time, original conditions, immediately went on to artistic victory, writing and creating films such as Troubadours and Salt Creek County.There were more conduits, though.

In 2006, I found Tahmus Rounds on the sepia-drenched, cooling dusk of a late September sunset. Bossman and I had driven some nineteen hours from Texas in a Nissan, and he greeted us at the steps of an early 1970′s A-frame home. He was without a shirt, but wearing decorated wings. We embraced, agreeing upon common connections while two Springer Spaniels played at the base of the steps. The sun went down, the quadrant was complete, and we quietly made inner blood pacts to create things whenever time allowed.

Under a ceiling of Hurricane Isaac’s spinoff storms, we recently spent an afternoon flirting with the ambiguous but tender relationship between two individuals, and taking advantage of access to a fully charged golf cart.

– Will Johnson / September 2012.