Music is Valuable.

There’s no winning the argument between those who want to get paid and those who don’t want to pay. All we can do (the ones who want to get paid) is not allow our goods to be free. If someone wants it they’ll buy it. If they want to steal it, they’ll steal it. They were never going to pay for it anyway. The bottom line… if we create something and there’s demand for it and people enjoy and consume it… IT HAS TO BE PAID FOR. There’s really no other way to sustain this thing we all love. Music is magic; it soothes, it creates memories, it changes lives. It’s worth paying for. If it wasn’t so valuable, why does everyone want it so bad? Why does big tech use music as bait to sell everything else? Watch TV for an hour… music is everywhere. Go to any public gathering place… music is playing. Music is important. Just as important as your data plan, cable tv, $5 coffee drink, $8 craft beer, $10 cigarettes, $50 bag of weed and the $30 ironic t-shirt from the mall. People can afford to buy a lot of music… they just need to shift their priorities. And for the record… unless it’s a band I work for… I paid for every song, cd, lp, and band t-shirt I have. And I pay for all shows I go to. I’m not rich. But I make a budget for stuff I care about. It was easy… I stopped drinking so much. 4 beers per week cost about $20 or $80 per month. That’s enough money to buy 8 albums on iTunes every month. You can buy almost 100 albums a year by drinking 4 beers less per week. I did it. You can do it too.

Thanks for listening and supporting.