Laura Gibson Undertow Shows : Jan + Feb Tour Dates

(Photo by Lauren Jacobson)

Laura Gibson Undertow Shows booked for January and February 2024

Tickets currently on sale HERE

January 16 : Applegate Valley OR
January 17 : Reno NV
January 19 : Berkeley CA
January 20 : Santa Cruz CA
January 21 : Los Angeles CA
January 22 : Los Angeles CA
January 24 : Phoenix AZ
January 25 : Tucson AZ
January 26 : Silver City NM
January 27 : Albuquerque NM
January 28 : Colorado Springs CO
January 29 : Boulder CO
January 30 : Fort Collins CO
January 31 : Salt Lake City UT
February 02 : Boise ID
February 09 : Seattle WA
February 10 : Tacoma WA
February 16 : Portland OR
February 17 : Portland OR
February 18 : Gaston OR

If you’d like more information about how to host an Undertow Show, go HERE

Age Requirements
Undertow Shows are “All-Ages” unless noted otherwise on the individual show ticketing page. We love kids! And we love parents who want their kids to experience live music. So yes, it’s cool to bring your kid to a show. All we ask is that restless kids be taken outside until they settle down – we don’t want to interrupt the show or disturb other guests. Kids 12 and up need to have their own paid ticket. Kids 11 and under don’t need a ticket when attending with a parent.

All Sales Are Final / No Refunds
Due to the limited number of tickets for each show please make sure you can attend before you make your purchase.