Say Hi Undertow Tour – May + June 2023

SAY HI Undertow Tour – May + June 2023


May 24: Vancouver BC
May 25: Seattle WA
May 26: Seattle WA
May 27: Portland OR
May 28: Boise ID
May 29: Salt Lake City UT
May 30: Denver CO
May 31: Omaha NE
June 1: St Paul MN
June 2: Milwaukee WI
June 3: Chicago IL
June 4: Indianapolis IN
June 5: Detroit MI
June 6: Cleveland OH
June 7: Pittsburgh PA
June 8: Brooklyn NYC
June 9: Philadelphia PA
June 10: Philadelphia PA
June 11: Washington DC
June 12: Chapel Hill NC
June 14: Orlando FL
June 15: Atlanta GA
June 16: Columbus MS
June 17: Dallas TX
June 18: Austin TX
June 19: OFF
June 20: Phoenix AZ
June 21: San Diego CA
June 22: Los Angeles CA
June 23: Los Angeles CA
June 24: San Francisco CA

Undertow Shows are intimate events hosted by fans in private spaces such as: living rooms, lofts, recording studios, coffee shops, museums, yoga studios, bike shops, churches, indoor skate parks, and more.

Each show is completely unique. We try to find the most accommodating spaces for both the artist and the fans. Show locations are kept private, but we supply the zip code for which region the venue is located. You will receive the full address after completing your ticket order.

Please help us keep these events a good and positive experience for everyone so we can continue to do shows like this.

Thank you!