HOSTS NEEDED: Lady Lamb – August, September + October 2023

We’re looking for people to host Lady Lamb Undertow Shows this August through October 2023.

Lady Lamb is celebrating the 10 year anniversary of her first studio record Ripely Pine, with her forthcoming 5xLP 35-song boxset In The Mammoth Nothing Of The Night. 

She will be performing intimate versions of songs from the boxset and Ripely Pine and sharing excerpts from her new collaborative book That We May Ripely Pine. (Don’t worry! West Coast dates are coming!)

 Do you live in or near one of the cities listed below? Do you have large living room, loft space, community space, art gallery, or other space that can comfortably and safely host up to 50 people? If so, please read everything on this page and fill in the form below to submit your space.

We make this as easy as possible for hosts. All you have to do is let us borrow your living room (for approx 3 hours) and check-in guests at the door upon arrival. In return you’ll get to see Lady Lamb perform up close and personal, 5 free tickets for your friends, and our eternal gratitude.

We so appreciate the support! Thank you.

LEG 1 – August + September
Submissions Close: June 2
Tickets On Sale: June 27

Aug 15: Pittsburgh PA
Aug 16: Cleveland OH
Aug 17: Columbus OH
Aug 18: Indianapolis IN / Bloomington IN
Aug 19: Chicago IL
Aug 21: Louisville KY / Lexington KY
Aug 22: Nashville TN
Aug 23: Chattanooga TN / Huntsville AL
Aug 24: Atlanta GA
Aug 25: Athens GA / Savannah GA
Aug 26: Jacksonville FL
Aug 28: Charleston SC
Aug 29: Asheville NC
Aug 30: Charlotte NC
Sept 1: Durham NC
Sept 2: Richmond VA
Sept 3: Washington DC
Sept 4: Baltimore MD
Sept 5: Philadelphia PA
Sept 7: Northampton MA / Amherst MA / Holyoke MA
Sept 8: Providence RI
Sept 9:  Hartford CT / New Haven CT


LEG 2 – October
Submissions Close: June 2

Tickets On Sale: July 27 

Oct 5: Iowa City IA
Oct 6: Madison WI / Milwaukee WI
Oct 7: Minneapolis MN
Oct 8: Fargo ND
Oct 10: Omaha NE
Oct 11: Kansas City MO
Oct 12: Tulsa OK / Oklahoma City
Oct 13: Russellville AR / Fayetteville AR / Hot Springs AR
Oct 14: Dallas TX / Ft. Worth TX
Oct 17: Austin TX
Oct 18: San Antonio TX
Oct 19: Houston TX
Oct 20: New Orleans LA
Oct 21: Memphis TN
Oct 22: St. Louis MO
Oct 24: Champaign IL
Oct 25: Grand Rapids MI
Oct 26: Detroit MI / Ann Arbor MI
Oct 27: Toronto ONT
Oct 28: Montreal QBC
Oct 30: Burlingon VT
Oct 31: Hudson NY / Kingston NY / Woodstock NY 


1.  Read everything below so you know how it works.
2.  Complete and submit the form at the bottom.
3.  Sit tight! We’ll get back to you as soon as possible about dates and logistics.

Lady Lamb would love to play a show at your place!

A few things to consider…

In the past we’ve booked all kinds of spaces. It can be residential, commercial, community, or any other space where you can host a private gathering. Bonus points for being centrally located! The space should comfortably and safely hold a minimum of 45 people. Show us what you got!

There needs to be street parking, a parking garage, or public transportation nearby so guests can access your space easily. Before you offer to host a show, please check with your neighbors to confirm they’re ok with a bunch of extra people coming over. It would be a huge bummer if someone called the cops because of all the extra cars and people.

Be realistic. This is the number of tickets we put on sale. Please keep in mind when determining your capacity, you get five free tickets for friends that won’t be included in the ticketed capacity. The capacity you tell us will be the number of tickets we put on sale. EXAMPLE: If we sell 50 tickets and you invite 5 guests, there will be 55 people at the show.

Tickets are $25. Everyone must buy tickets in advance. No tickets will be sold at the door. There will be no reselling or third-party tickets sales. All tickets sales are direct to fans from Undertow. Limit 4 tickets per person. These shows usually sell out quickly and we want everyone to have a fair opportunity to buy tickets.

We’ll provide the host with a list of everyone coming to the show. The host won’t have to deal with any money and will only need to check people off the list as they arrive. We ask guests to arrive between 7:15-7:45pm. The shows start at 8pm and we ask everyone to be out of your space within 30 minutes after the show has ended. That’s usually no later than 10pm.

The host gets 5 additional free tickets for the show. If you have other friends beyond your 5 guests who want to come to the show you should direct them buy tickets online.

Shows will promoted through Undertow’s websites, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and by word-of-mouth. We’d appreciate your help to spread the word on your Facebook and Instagram, too.  Please don’t post your address. The address only goes to people after they buy tickets.

Home addresses will not be published on the web and will only be given to those who purchase tickets. In addition to respecting your privacy, we need to keep the show locations private so random folks don’t show up and party-crash.

You don’t need a sound system. Lady Lamb will bring along a small PA for her guitar and vocals, so she will need access to an electrical outlet or power strip.

Lady Lamb will be traveling with her own modest stage lighting. Before and after the show, she requests that there be some kind of ambient lighting like a lamp on a coffee table, floor lamp to create a cozy mood, but please no overhead lights unless they are on a dimmer.

You don’t need seating for everyone. If you have a bunch of chairs, great! But most shows are floor seating and we let guests know they should bring folding chair, cushion, or pillow to sit on during the show.

We don’t have openers at these shows. It’s much easier for us to keep things simple and stay on schedule if it’s just one artist playing. We’re also trying to keep the amount of time guests are in your space to a minimum.

We love cats and dogs, we really do! But an excitable pet running around during the show can be distracting for the guests and performers. If you have curious and friendly 4-legged family members, would you be ok with putting them in another part of the house, or sending them to a friend’s house, during the show?

If all that sounds ok,

ADA Accessibility
Your space does not have to be ADA accessible to host, however it is a major bonus. If your space isn't fully ADA accessible, please let us know about the entrance (front door, back door, steps, handrails, etc).
The capacity you tell us will be the number of tickets we put on sale. How many people do you think you can host? Keep in mind when determining your capacity, you get five free tickets for friends that won't be included in the ticketed capacity. For EXAMPLE: If we sell 50 tickets and you invite 5 guests, there will be 55 people at the show.
If you are renting your home or space, do you have permission from your landlord to host this show?
Do you have permission from everyone who lives in your home or works at the space to host this show?
We are still advocating for strong COVID precautions at Undertow Shows. Would you prefer guests to wear masks during the performance?
It's totally fine if you don't want guests to bring alcohol. We realize that concerns and/or zoning restrictions may make consumption less than ideal for your situation. We're happy to pass on those parameters to guests. If you're OK with guests bringing beverages, this is what we usually tell them: "The host is allowing attendees to bring a few beers or a bottle of wine to enjoy during the show. Remember that this is a low-key intimate acoustic performance, not a party. Please take all trash with you when you leave."
Address where the show will be hosted
Street addresss
Apartment or unit number
Let us know where guests should park (street parking, nearby lot, or garage parking) and public transit options (if applicable)
Let us know where the performer should park (drive way, reserved space, street parking, etc)
Let us know what sort of seating situation you have; chairs for everyone, a few chairs, couches, mostly floor seating, etc. If it's mostly floor seating we'll let guests know to bring a pillow or cushion to sit on during the show.
Anything else you want us to know?
Maximum upload size: 516MB
You can upload jpeg or png file up to 1000 pixels wide.
Maximum upload size: 516MB
You can upload jpeg or png file up to 1000 pixels wide.
Please read the and accept the agreement below.

Thank you for agreeing to host this performance for LADY LAMB (ARTIST). We are excited to work together with you (HOST) to make this a successful, safe and enjoyable evening for everyone involved. Please read over this to make sure we are in agreement on how things will work for the show.

WE agree to provide one musical performance by ARTIST, approximately 60 to 90 minutes in length. Unless otherwise stated, the HOST will not need to provide a sound system.

HOST agrees to provide the venue in good working order, clean, safe and well lighted.

WE agree to handle all admission charges and that the HOST will not be responsible for paying ARTIST.

HOST agrees that the venue can adequately and safely accommodate and agreed number of guests.

HOST agrees that no other musical acts will appear without prior written consent.

HOST agrees that the venue will not change without prior written consent.

HOST agrees to notify their neighbors about this event and that the HOST has no reason to believe that this event will cause undue stress on the community or neighborhood.

HOST will be responsible for checking guests in at the door. WE will provide the HOST with a list of people that have paid for admission to this performance. If anyone arrives at the venue that is not on the provided list, the HOST will not allow this person in unless they are a previously invited, complimentary guest of ARTIST or of the HOST.

WE agree that the HOST is not responsible for providing food or refreshments to ARTIST or anyone in attendance.

WE agree that we will work together with the HOST to make sure that no one enters the venue with any food or drinks unless the HOST has agreed to this in advance.

WE agree to work together with the HOST to make sure that any inappropriate behavior by guests is stopped, and if necessary, WE will work together with the HOST to ask uncooperative guests to leave.

HOST understands that ARTIST may sell merchandise at the venue, including but not limited to Vinyl, CDs, Shirts.

WE agree to work together with the HOST to make sure all guests leave before 10pm or within 30 minutes of the end of the performance. The HOST understands that ARTIST is not obligated to remain at the venue after all the guests have left.

WE agree that if necessary, WE will be in charge of any necessary refunds.

It is understood that this agreement is only between the HOST and ARTIST and that Undertow assumes no liability.

If you, the HOST, agree to everything we've outlined here, please digitally sign by agreeing and accepting below. If you have any questions, comments or concerns about this or anything else, please do not hesitate to call or email us so we can sort things out quickly.