Pattern Is Movement Daytrotter Session

pim_dt Daytrotter just posted Pattern Is Movement’s cover of Beyone’s “Crazy In Love.”

“Pattern Is Movement have been keeping something from us, all of us, and while we’re at it, Beyonce – you little minx – you’ve been doing the same damned thing. Though she didn’t allow the full experience of her original version of “Crazy In Love,” which she wrote with her now-husband Mr. Jay Z and Rich Harrison, we’re fortunate to have the generosity of Christopher Ward and Andrew Thiboldeaux here, willing to accentuate where the original inspiration of the “sassy” masterpiece came from. Beyonce must have been in cahoots with the one and only John Carpenter, as a ghostwriter on this particular tune. The sentiments that Ward and Thiboldeaux summon from the seemingly innocuous, but jammin’ song about out-of-the-head infatuation (probably inflamed by a roll or two in the old sheets) could have been plucked from the premise for “Halloween,” the 1978 horror classic written and directed by Carpenter, whereby high schoolers getting their foolin’ around on for the first time and chucking their virginity into the fire are thereby getting themselves slashed to hell in a potpourri of ways by a creep in a hockey mask … [READ MORE & DOWNLOAD THE TRACK HERE.]”